Recording School Online : We offer both on-line and Downloadable courses about music production.

Currently we have several downloadable packages which offer expert video guides

on mixing, mastering, digital effects, music production, and more.

Our focus is to go beyond the merely technical aspects of digital recording,

and focus deeper into the musical production concepts to make your recordings

sound as professional as possible.

Sit with a producer/recording engineer in the studio as he explains mixing, mastering, and music production step by step, at your pace at RSO.

Recording School Online :Take the time to view our free music production videos so that you may get a better sense

of our approach at RSO.

Our RSO downloadable educational videos that cover all aspects of music production,

can be viewed an unlimited amount of times on your computer.

Most of the Recording School Online videos and packages range from over two hours to 12 hours

of expert music production guides on video.

The techniques we offer are designed to work with all styles of music.

Recording School Online :Our customers range from beginners to advanced professional studio owners.

The approach we take in each of our videos enables the viewer to learn on multiple levels

and understand not only the technical, but also the aesthetic, creative, and musical approaches

two audio production.