"I just want to express my admiration for your excellent Recording School Online mixing masterclass

courses 1 and 2. It's much more than I expected..... I would rate your

course of highest quality." - Thank You D.C. Professional Recording Engineer

"Recording School Online is Simply a MUST HAVE for anyone doing digital audio recording........" J.M Producer/Engineer/Musician

We have received considerable customer praise for our video courses and teacher support.

We believe the reason for this is our unique approach to teaching music production.

Unlike the majority of companies who create educational videos for the audio industry,

we believe that the creative aspects of music production are as essential as the technical.

We never quite understood why the manuals that came with recording software often

read like they were designed for scientists and not musicians.

There is quite a difference between right and left brained thinking so our goal

was to design courses and videos that are more intuitive to grasp and easier

for the musician to understand.

We here at RSO all began recording as musicians.

Over the years working with every style of music and thousands of musicians,

we gained a deeper understanding into not only the process of audio production,

but also how to teach it.

We have also developed music production techniques that did not exist before RSO.

We found that one thing was missing in the world of music recording education,

a structure.

What we teach is a structure designed not only to help the recording engineer

hear the music more musically, but also to approach the technical aspects of recording more musically.

The results we have heard from our students is affirmation of how well the structure works.

Numerous times we have received e-mails from customers who have purchased

our mixing videos stating they have learned more in one viewing than they have in the past 10 years of recorded music.

This is the power of having a clearly stated structure into the process of mixing music.